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5 Responses to Contact Us

  1. Adeline says:

    Hello, I have a quick question… if I have an EASA PPL and want to hire an a/c in SE Asia for holiday… do I need to convert my license to a local one? Does each country have their own license and what would be the procedure? Thank you! (Could you email me your reply instead please?)

    • The Editor says:

      Each country has its own licensing regime. Parts of Europe, however, has grouped its permits under a unified system. Certain countries allow you to apply for a license from them, provided your home country’s authorities endorses your qualifications. For instance, if you have a Malaysian PPL, you can apply to the FAA for a US license which will be dependent on your maintaining your Malaysian one. An application does not guarantee you will get it though.

  2. Dale Hall says:

    Hello Paul–Great site, love it! I work in busines development with Kennon Covers and wondered your thoughts on the cabin cover we made for you and was curious as to how it worked out in the Dec/Jan weather there?
    Take care and safe landings,
    Dale Hall
    Sheridan, WY

  3. Irene Hoe says:

    Hey Paul,

    Don’t forget the sisters who flew.
    Read West with the Night,
    and Sisters of Heaven about the amazing (and often, anonymous) women aviators.

    I was once privileged to be on the same flight as a group of American women who piloted transport planes in World War II. They were never given the recognition that was accorded to male pilots. Did the Allied generals think the Nazis wouldn’t fire on the women’s planes because they were not officially military pilots, I wonder.


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