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China’s Liaoning aircraft carrier is star of new music video

By Paul Jansen

Leading the Dream music video featuring China's aircraft carrier

China’s new aircraft carrier Liaoning is the star of a new music video.

China has put its newly-commissioned aircraft carrier, the Liaoning, as the centrepiece of a music video reminiscent of the 1986 Top Gun movie trailer.

Just as the American movie featuring the USS Enterprise highlighted American naval power and prowess close to three decades ago, the just released Chinese video by the government-owned Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC) unabashedly attempts to do the same for China.

AVIC did the refurbishment of the carrier which China bought from the Ukraine. The video, which runs for six minutes, was unveiled on April 23, 2014, the 65th anniversary of the People’s Liberation Army Navy founding.

Called Leading the Dream, it shows activities aboard the ship, highlighting the launching and recovery of the Shenyang J-15 fighter aircraft.

A Shenyang J-15 takes off from  China's new aircraft carrier, the Llaoning.

A Shenyang J-15 takes off from China’s new aircraft carrier, the Llaoning, in a music video highlighting the navy’s extended prowess.

The music is sung by a Tibetan performer and has all the classic rousing notes of a proud nation.

The 67,500 tonne Liaoning, designed and built in the Soviet era as the Varyag, with a ski jump-style runway, was purchased by China in 1998.

View the recording here.

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