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Astronaut Hadfield makes world’s first truly out of this world music video

By Paul Jansen

Astronaut Hadfield floating

Astronaut Hadfield plays the guitar in zero gravity. Screengrab fromYouTube


Astronaut Chris Hadfield did more than man the Space Station during his five-month tour of duty there. He produced the world’s first music video recorded in Space.

His choice of material is appropriate: David Bowie’s “Space Oddity”. The song, a hit when it came out in 1969, is a poignant communcation between a fictional astronaut Major Tom and Ground Control, which tells him there is nothing more for him to do but return home.

Commander Hadfield, playing the acoustic guitar and singing the lyrics, has put a personal stamp on it that is unlikely to be repeated by any other musician easily. He did this floating in zero gravity aboard the International Space Station while orbiting between 330 km and 435 km above the Earth.

The accompaniment was mixed in when he returned to Earth early May 2013.

Astronaut Hadfield singing

Hadfield sings against the backdrop of the Earth hundreds of kilometres away. Screengrab from YouTube


The 53-year-old Canadian’s version appears to be more popular on Youtube than Bowie’s original music video.

It has been viewed 12 million times in just a week compared to Bowie’s 8 million downloads over seven years.

Bowie is not complaining, though. In fact, he is delighted.

Earth's cities shine.

Earth’s cities shine. Screengrab from YouTube.


View the recording here.

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