RSAF Open House

Visual treat for aviation buffs at RSAF Open House

An F-15SG fighter is the main draw at the RSAF Open House 2011.

An F-15SG fighter is the main draw at the RSAF Open House 2011.

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Report and pictures by Paul Jansen
Military aircraft fans and aviation-lovers thronged Paya Lebar Air Base in Singapore on May 28 and 29, 2011. They were invited by the Republic of Singapore Air Force for the annual Open House and were not disappointed.

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The static displays showed the latest fighter additions to the force here, such as the F-15SG Eagles, alongside the stalwarts such as the F-16s. Visitors were also given opportunities to touch these and others in the air force fleets such as the Gulfstream G550 airborne early warning aircraft, whose two Rolls Royce BR710-C4-11 engines generate 15,385 lbs thrust. It replaced the E2C Hawkeye. Nearby, sat a Boeing KC135R Stratotanker which, when not acting as an airborne fuel station, can carry 83,000 lbs of cargo or 57 passengers. Rotary-winged aircraft were in abundance too, including the M1 Superpuma which can take 24 passngers. Also on display, both in the static area and in a partial “live” demonstration, were some of the force’s surface-to-air missile systems. These included the Rapier Blindfire with a range of 7.2 km and the Spyder which has a 15 km effective range.

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  1. David Tan says:

    Paul, a treat indeed for aviation fans and military aircraft buffs for sure. Interestingly, when I was flying in the RSAF, there were virtually NONE of these (aviation fans and military aircraft buffs) among the ranks of the pilots I knew. For them it was a 8 – 5 job, nothing more. I was the anomaly, wasting good money keeping current on light airplanes while flying helicopters operationally. (Definitely nothing I’d consider flying for the rest of my career, although I would dearly have loved to have flown the naval mission in the S70B in your pictures. And now my career has gotten away from helos and evolved toward the plush wood and leather versions of that G550,)

    And years later, today, after all those I’ve known have retired, some continue to fly for the airlines but I know of no real aviation buffs among them. There are a few happy exceptions: one of the most talented helo instructors I’ve known continues to impart airmanship in the aero clubs in Johor. One of his students, a former tank commander who used to hitch rides with me during training sorties in Hueys in Brunei, is coming to his second AirVenture (with you) this year.

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