Padang fly-in

West Sumatra air show draws general aviation pilots from Malaysia and Singapore, marred by fatal crash of aviator Colonel Zakaria

Condolence message for the family of the late Colonel Zakaria bin Salleh

General Aviation pilots from Malaysia and Singapore turned out in force to support an air show at West Sumatra from June 22 to 26. The Minang Aerosport Show and Exposition, at Taibing air base (WIMG), drew about 15 aircraft from Malaysia and Singapore.

During an aerobatic display on June 23 featuring three aircraft, one, a Christen Eagle biplane, N21H, piloted in a solo sequence by retired air force Colonel Zakaria bin Salleh, 57, crashed. The aircraft fell between two houses and Colonel Zakaria was extricated from the wreckage but was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital he was taken to.

A keen flyer even after he left the Malaysian air force, he was captain of the Royal Selangor Flying Club and a former president of the Malaysian Sports Aviation Federation.

The show continued after the tragic incident, albeit in a more muted fashion.

Merawan thanks Captains Dawson Lee Chiaw Hwee and Teoh Thiang Heng for their contributions to this Gallery.

Fly-in at Taibing air force base in Padang, West Sumatra, Indonesia

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4 Responses to Padang fly-in

  1. Dawson Lee says:

    I’m truly impressed by the detailed life story of the late Col (R) Zakaria, his unending love for flying till his sudden departure, I was so heart-broken the moment I saw it. Nevertheless, we must live strong and continue his untiring efforts and work of promoting GA in this region.

    • The Editor says:

      Yes, his departure is a blow to his family but also to the General Aviation scene in the region.

  2. David Tan says:

    Paul, great collection!

    Shame about Capt Zakaria. One has to guarantee a zero error performance 100% of the time to survive. Too many air show accidents out there where a maneuver was completed underground.

    Good to see pictures of Muk. That shot of Jeff getting his blood pressure taken looks ominous–might be a good idea to find out where the med tent is located when you arrive in OSH!

    See you soon!

  3. Shane Lim says:

    Memories of Padang forever etched in my mind…

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