Hwa Chong students get bird’s-eye view of Iskandar region

Future “green” leaders get prize ride aboard 9M-PRJ

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They presented such a compelling vision of how the Iskandar region in Johor, Malaysia could be sustainably developed that they beat youths older then them to win an urban planning contest.

Christopher Chew and Lim Sheng Yuan of Hwa Chong Institution, were on the winning team in the “Planning a Clean and Green Waterfront, Iskandar” competition held in Singapore on February 1, 2013.

It was open to youths aged 14 to 19, from Secondary or High Schools, Junior Colleges, Polytechnics, International Schools and Higher Learning institutions in Singapore, Malaysia and around the world.

In the organiser’s own words: “The challenge is for participants to get creative and innovative as they face real urban challenges and problems. The objective is to plan sustainable, liveable, eco-friendly townships where every stakeholder’s needs are met.”

The driving force behind the event was Ms Sylvia Van Remoortele, CEO of Activistar Advocacy, which she set up to promote environmental awareness and sustainable developments.

The Johor Flying Club was impressed by the goals of the contest and offered an aerial view of the Iskandar region to the winning team.

Eco contest winners fly over Iskandar region


This was done on May 12, 2013. When the winners and officials visited the club at Senai International Airport in Johor, Captain Shane Lim, a member in charge of the club’s marketing, gave the visitors an overview of recreational flying in Malaysia and the club’s many flying and ground activities.

Johor Flying Club member Captain Paul Jansen then spoke to them on the route they would fly and gave a safety briefing before he took Messrs Lim and Chew and Ms Van Remoortele up on his Piper Warrior II, 9M-PRJ. They flew at 2,000 feet over the developments at the Iskandar region, including the Nusajaya, Gelang Patah, Leisure Farm, and Ledang Heights areas. Along the way, they flew over Legoland and the Johor Premium Outlets.

Ms Nadia Albahar, who is in charge of business development for Activistar, had accompanied the group. She was given a flight too, aboard 9M-HMG, a Socata TB10, by the owner Captain Roger Lee, who is also a club member.

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