Flying ultralights in Malacca

Johor Flying Club tries out ultralight planes

JFC member fly ultralight

Johor Flying Club members fly ultralight plane in Malacca. From left: Paul Jansen, Fadzil Jaafar, Anthony Cheong and Rabi Ahmad, with a Quicksilver Sport plane.

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By Paul Jansen

Johor Flying Club members, used to flying planes weighing 1,400 pounds and more, took to the skies over Malacca on March 25, 2017, in what looked like little more than a go-kart with wings.

This was an ultralight plane belonging to the Kelab Penerbangan 4B Malaysia, which is based in Malacca airport.

The Johor club’s members, Captains Paul Jansen, Anthony Cheong, Rabi Ahmad and Fadzil Jaafar, assembled at the Malacca club’s hangar at 8am that Saturday, for their flight, before the winds picked up.

Each sortie was a trip from the airport to Malacca city and back. The flights took about 15 minutes each, which is short by the standards of Johor Flying Club, but sufficient in the leisurely ultralights for the participants to enjoy the ride and feel the direct effect of 50 miles per hour of forward thrust on their unprotected bodies.

For Captains Rabi Ahmad and Fadzil Jaafar, it was the first time they had been in an ultralight. But for Captains Paul Jansen and Anthony Cheong it was a reunion of sorts. Both have licences to fly ultralights but have not done so since getting full Private Pilot’s Licences (PPLs) some time ago.

The Quicksilver is powered by a Rotax 582 engine. This is a 64hp two-stroke, two-cylinder engine, which uses normal automotive gasoline.

Captains Roizan bin Ahmad and Melvyn Tan of Kelab Penerbangan 4B Malaysia crewed the ultralight.

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