Flying a seaplane in Bintan

Rare opportunity for watery take-offs and landings

Flying a seaplane in Bintan

Aviators can now try their hand in flying a seaplane in Bintan. Recreational pilot Lee Chee Yong in the rear seat bundles three novel experiences into one sortie: his first flight in an Experimental Category plane, his first seaplane ride, and his first time at the controls of such an aircraft.

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By Paul Jansen

There are almost no seaplanes for General Aviation pilots to try and fly in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia.

So Air Adventures Asia is a breath of fresh air. It has a nice clubhouse and hangar on Lagoi Bay on Bintan Island, less than an hour away by ferry from Singapore.

More importantly, it operates a Drifter with floats. The Experimental category aircraft, powered by a Rotax 912 engine, carries two, seated one behind the other. With no side walls to block your view, slow speed, and capable of operating from anywhere there is a decent body of water, it is a good machine for aerial sightseeing.

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For the full report on flying a seaplane in Bintan, Indonesia, click here.

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