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Mooney’s first new plane in 5 years will be sold via online auction

April 12, 2014 – Mooney will roll out its first aircraft since emerging from a five-year hiatus soon but you will not be able to buy it from the company salesmen.

The plane will be a Mooney Acclaim S capable of 242 knots with its Continental TSIO-550 G engine. The TBO will be 2,200 hours. It will have dual  Garmin G1000s and use the GFC700 autopilot.

Chen indicated the price would be under US$7000,000 and invited interested parties to submit bids through the Mooney website before July 11.

The finished plane will be handed to the winner on July 29 at the world’s biggest General Aviation airshow, EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

Chen said that all proceeds from the auction will go towards a future Mooney Historical Museum.

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Classic planes were up for auction in New Zealand

Well-restored Tiger Moth for sale

The catalogue for the Wanaka auction showcases items which will leave fans of beautiful machines open-mouthed.

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March 2014 – Owners of several well-restored aircraft including a Tiger Moth, Harvard and Yak, put them up for sale at a special auction in Wanaka, New Zealand, last March.

The planes were part of a larger inventory which included beautifully rebuilt and maintained bikes and cars.

The catalogue for the auction can be found here.

The DH82A De Havilland Tiger Moth stands out. In bright red, it is in pristine condition and had a guide price of NZ$90,000-120,000.

The auction was held on March 30, 2014 at Wanaka Airport, familiar to air show fans as the site of the famous Warbirds Over Wanaka event.

Well-equipped Piper Warrior II for sale

sold sign

August 2013 – The owner of 9M-PRJ is reluctantly parting with his Piper Warrior II aircraft to accommodate his purchase of another plane.

It is hangared and in good condition, has comfortable leather seating for 4, and has some nice additional goodies, including an Electronic Horizontal Situation Indicator (HSI) with glide slope and carb ice detector.

Paul Jansen said: “9M-PRJ is a solid, reliable aircraft which has taken me and my friends to places in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand without a hitch. Built to fulfill training demands, it can take knocks in its stride.”
“It is a joy to fly. The only reason I am giving it up is because I am getting a more complex plane.”

9M-PRJ has an attractive interior and is one of a very small number of private Pipers in the region so well-equipped. The avionics and equipment lets you go beyond simple visual flight rules and learn instrument flying.”

Picture Gallery

Manufacturer: Piper
Model: Warrior II
Seats: 4
Registration Number: 9M-PRJ
Year of Manufacture: 1989
Date of Registration: 26th July 1989
Colour: Yellow and Blue
Price: S$98,000
Location: Seletar, Singapore.
Owners: Only two careful owners since new
Airframe S/N: 2816080
Airframe Total Time: 8,500
Engine S/N: L-15295-39A
Specs: Lycoming O-320- (161 HP)
Engine Time: 560 Hours SMOH (2,000 TBO)
Propeller S/N: A53231
Specs: Sensenich Two-Blade Prop
Propeller Time: 990 Hours (TBO 2,000 Hours)
Flight Rules: IFR
Bendix/King K1825 EHSI Electronic Horizontal Situation Indicator with glide slope
VOR ILS Nav Comms
Bendix King KMA24H Audio Control System,
Bendix/King KY197A VHF Transceiver
Bendix/King KR87 ADF Receiver
Bendix/King KT76A ATC Transponder
Bendix/King KN62 DME
Bendix/King KX165 Radio
Electric Encoder for Transponder
Artex C406-2 ELT
ARP Carburetor Ice Detector
Dual PTT
Dual vacuum pumps
Dual landing lights
Electronics International SC-5 Superclock
AirGizmo Panel Mount for Garmin 295/6
Yoke Mount for Garmin 695/795
New Custom-made Circuit Breaker Panel Labels
Starter Warning Light
Safety Axe
Fire Extinguisher
Additional equipment:
Custom-made all weather deluxe Pacific Blue fuselage cover by Kennon Aircraft Covers
Custom-made Desert Storm quality sunshields by Kennon Aircraft Covers
Custom-made cowl and inlet plugs by Kennon Aircraft Covers
New Aluminium chocks
New Stainless steel tow bar
Fuel dipstick
New Pitot Cover
Medical kit
Paintwork is in very good condition with new fuel decals
Interior is in very good condition
New carpeting and side and door panels
New leather seats in luxury grey
Glass is in good condition
New Piper seatbelt buckle appliques
All Log Books from Registration
PA-28 Warrior (ASA Reference Books)
PA-28-161 Checklist (SureCheck)
Maintenance: Elite Flying Club
Seller: Paul Jansen

Piper Warrior II in Subang for sale

August, 2013 - 9M-TNC, a Piper Warrior II, is for sale.

Manufacturer: Piper
Model: Warrior II
Seats: 4
Year: 1989
Colour: Yellow and Blue
Price: Contact seller
Location: Subang, Malaysia.
Owners: Two since new
Registration Number: 9M-TNC
Airframe Total Time: 7000+
Engine Time: 20 SMOH. Overhauled in 2011 with ECI Titan cylinder at Corona Engine Center, California.
Flight Rules: N/A
Seller: Terrence Chaw 6012-9074278,

Own a former Singapore Hawker Hunter fighter jet

Hawker Hunter fighter jet

The Australian owner of an ex-Singapore Air Force Hawker Hunter fighter jet, like the one above, has put it up for sale.

February 5, 2014 – A Singapore air force Hawker Hunter fighter jet which was put up for sale in Australia for US$205,000, has now been reduced to US199,000, less than the cost of a new piston engine four-seat Piper Warrior.

The two-seat trainer is being sold by Hunter Flight, which used to give rides in it to clients with cash to spare. The T75S, serial number 528, is currently registered as VHS-RHO. Buyers will get a Hunter with a Rolls Royce Avon 207 engine and working Martin Baker ejection seats.

It will be restored to flying condition and is sold with spares.

The Republic of Singapore Air Force ordered its first Hunter in 1968 and acquired a total of 46. The type was retired in 1992. An Australian company, Pacific Hunter Aviation, bought 21 of the remaining aircraft.

The Hunter had a maximum speed of Mach 0.94, 620 knots (1,150 km/h) at sea level, and a combat range of 385 nautical miles (715 km). Its service ceiling was 50,000 ft and had a rate of climb of 17,200 feet per min.

For more details, contact Hunter Flight.

Piper Warrior II in Johor sold

sold signJanuary, 2013 - The owner of 9M-DRC has sold her aircraft. Used recently for flight training, the 1977 plane was based at Senai international Airport in Johor, Malaysia and was offered at S$55,000.


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  1. Terrence chaw says:

    1989 piper warrior ii for sale.9M-TNC based at Subang. Engine overhauled with ECI Titan cylinder at Corona Engine Centre, California in 2011. 20 SMOH only. Airframe time 7000 plus.
    Pls advertise for me pls. Terrence Chaw.

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