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This is the debut of Merawan.com. The word “merawan” comes from Bahasa Indonesia and means to skip lightly over clouds. Our site is the product of people who are passionate about what they do. Especially flying.

A world of possibilities beckons Johor Flying Club's Piper Archer II.

We add our voice to those in the region promoting the joys of flight and the benefits of the recreational aviation industry.

It is a website with an Asian address and a global mission to spread the wonder of flying and ponder aviation’s impact on our lives, dreams and achievements.

Our content is aimed squarely at the gentleman and lady General Aviation pilot in the region although the professional aviator will find things of interest to him too. There are sites catering to those who fly for a living. We want to serve those who live to fly.

Merawan is focused on things associated with General Aviation but will take an eclectic approach.

We will publish hardware debuts but also review books, movies and music with an aviation theme. We will encourage debate about the latest aircraft but also direct you to the nicest places near airports. And we welcome you to join us for the ride.

Blue skies!

About the founder

Paul Jansen, who started flying in 1975, launched the company behind it, Merawan Pte Ltd. He is an award-winning journalist who headed initiatives in the print, broadcasting, Web and Mobile platforms with The Straits Times newspaper and Singapore Press Holdings. He was founding editor of The Straits Times Interactive, now re-named straitstimes.com, conceptualised and led the search and directory engine Rednano.sg, which won regional and international honours. He was also the first editor of a daily newspaper in the media group to move from Editorial to the Marketing Division and injected a new perspective there.

Paul Jansen with a Supermarine Spitfire

Merawan founder Paul Jansen adds a WWII Supermarine Spitfire to his flight logbook. Copyright: Paul Jansen 2012

Paul was involved in several start-ups. This included playing a key role in the successful tender bid for a mobile licence, which resulted in the creation of the telco M1, breaking SingTel’s monopoly.

These multi-dimensional experiences have combined to give him a unique perspective of the media. He has been invited to share this at international conferences for media owners and digital professionals, as well as through seminars and workshops for companies and government and educational institutions.

He left the Editorial and Marketing trenches and is currently advising firms on media management, including image control in a post-print world, and handling the press during a crisis. He is also co-founder and executive chairman of aSpecial Media Pte Ltd, an award-winning company which specialises in collecting and analysing behavioural data for public and private institutions, policy-makers and marketers. But mostly he flies.

Paul brings to our Merawan endeavour his knowledge of the civil and military aviation industry which he covered as a journalist, his continued enthusiasm to fly a broadening range of aircraft, and his willingness to travel to the ends of the earth (and outer space) for an interesting flight experience.

Through Merawan, he and his crew want to share that lightness of heart experienced by all aviators once their wheels are off the ground.

* Merawan would like to thank Andrew Wee of www.whoisandrewwee.com and Muhd Faizal Masjudi for their technical assistance in the launch of this website.

3 Responses to About Us

  1. JONATHAN LEE says:


    • The Editor says:

      Hi Jonathan,

      What kind of grounded aircraft are you looking for? I know of a few but they vary in size from four-seater General Aviation planes to Boeing 747s.

  2. Jennifer Conn says:

    Merawan is a great website and aptly named too. You bring a wealth of experience in the media and flying to “Merawan” to make it not just an informative but also a very enjoyable and insightful read! Keep the great articles coming!

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