Merawan saddened by the passing of Singapore’s founding father Lee Kuan Yew who dies aged 91

Mr Lee Kuan Yew, 2009

Mr Lee Kuan Yew speaking in 2009. Picture: Singapore Prime Minister’s Office.

Merawan sends condolences to the family of Singapore’s first Prime Minister and current Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew who died on Monday, March 23.

The late Mr Lee led Cabinets which implemented many policies which put the republic firmly on the global map. In aviation, these included the establishment of Singapore Airlines as an international airliner and massive investment in the creation of Changi International Airport.

Sporty’s founder Hal Shevers talks about Lee Kuan Yew, aviation dreams and the needs of youths

Hal Shevers

We interview Hal Shevers, one of the top flight instructors in the US who turned an interest in teaching others to fly into a thriving business serving aviators around the globe. This is the first in the series Pilots in Profile.

Fly a seaplane in Bintan, Indonesia

Paul Jansen flies a Spitfire plane

By Paul Jansen

I flew a Spitfire. For a very long time, this was all I could say of the climax of the course I did at the world’s only school for Spitfire pilots. Each time I tried to describe the experience, I found myself grasping for words.

But my memory of that extraordinary day when I was handed control of the legendary fighter plane, over the same rolling downs where the Battle of Britain was fought, is undiminished.

This, finally, is my report on how I had The Perfect Moment.

Visit Destinations, to read about Paul Jansen’s adventure at the Boultbee Flight Academy in West Sussex, Britain.

Saddest day for 9M-PRJ owner

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