Mooney’s first plane in 5 years – but you have to bid for it

Billed as an “industry first”, the first aircraft to roll off Mooney’s production line in five years will be sold via auction. Read more.

Brad Pitt buys a Spitfire

American actor Brad Pitt has bought a World War II Spitfire fighter aircraft for 2 million pounds Sterling and reportedly intends to learn to fly it himself. Read more.

Paul Jansen and Sam Whatmough buzz Goodwood Aerodrome in a Harvard combat trainer aircraft. The airfield is home to the world's only school for Spitfire pilots today.


It is a dream which began decades ago when I first laid hands on books about the summer of 1940 when young men flew Spitfire fighter aircraft against the rampaging Germans. It remained a longing that went on the backburner as I worked with a pen instead of a joystick. Yet, always, I wondered: “What will it be like to fly a World War II Spitfire?”

Visit Destinations, to read about Paul Jansen’s adventure at the Boultbee Flight Academy, a school which trains pilots to fly the Spitfire.

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